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“One day I woke up and looked at my two boys and knew it was time to stop wallowing in my self-pity and sadness”.

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My name is Bev Giuffre and I’m a life coach and mother of two high school-age boys. In my life, I have experienced the death of a sister, the loss of my dad, along with going through a painful divorce a few years ago.  These were painful life events but I survived.  The divorce was especially hard as I had children to take care of.  I put on a happy face in front of them every day but inside the pain and fear I felt was unbearable.  My marriage had failed and I felt worthless.  I shed a lot of tears and felt very alone at times wondering how I’d make it through.

But one day I woke up and looked at my two boys and knew it was time to stop wallowing in my self-pity and sadness.  It was time to regain my confidence and strength and be the mother they deserved and to be the very best version of ME that I could be.  From then on, I changed my whole attitude and took positive steps to find my “happy place” again. I have a wonderful family and friends and I am grateful to them for all their love and support.  My boys are the love of my life.  They keep me balanced and help me to remember every day how very blessed I am. Today where I once saw darkness and despair, I now have light and joy in my life.  Yes, I learned to rise above it all and see again how good life can be!


Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA

MA in Organizational Develop. & HR

Ashford University, Clinton IA

Health & Wellness Training Coach

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

Life Coach

Coach Training Alliance, Boulder CO

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“At 43 years old, I found myself at a crossroads. I could either keep moving in the same, unsatisfactory, direction or I could listen to the stirrings that rumbled deep within. The only problem was, I couldn’t quite decipher, or put my finger on, what my soul was trying to say…until I met Beverley. Beverley used compassion, intuition, intelligence, experience, and thoughtfulness to help me sift through myself. She listened carefully and respectfully while I confessed my seeds of doubt. It was those seeds she had me examine: the seeds of self-limitation, fear, defeat. She continuously offered support, and most importantly, she gave a different perspective…a new lens through which I could see myself. After speaking with Beverley, I was truly able to see myself in a different light. I was able to clearly see and finally own, my strengths. She helped me get quiet enough to hear what the rumbling had to say. Once I identified my new road, Beverley provided practical, realistic and doable advice and suggestions for me to begin taking confident steps… all while making herself available for questions, support, and guidance. If you, too, are at a crossroad and willing to accept that your new life awaits you, Beverley will walk with you.” –Kara S.