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Let’s Rise Above Together

It is my mission to support and empower women who are struggling with divorce along with women who are going through the transition of their children going into the high school years and moving away to college.  These can be difficult and confusing times for women as they feel their role of being a wife and mom is slipping away and they don’t know what to do. 

I will support you to find clarity in determining what your role and calling is.  I will challenge you to rise above it all and look deep within yourself to find the answers to the question of what wonderful possibilities still lie ahead for you as a mom and a woman.     

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Free Sample Session

This FREE 15-minute session is designed for you to get an idea of what coaching is all about. It will give you an opportunity to determine if life coaching is something that will be beneficial to you.


In our 60- minute One on One Coaching sessions, you and I will talk about the key issues that you identify in which you need clarity and help in figuring out how to get unstuck and move forward in your life.

Group Coaching

Group participants who are dealing with similar life issues will meet bi-weekly for 6 sessions over a three-month period.  Come prepared to share your thoughts and concerns.

Vision Board Workshop

A vision board is a tool used to help give clarity and focus on the specific life goal of an individual.  The board that you create is your daily visual to reaffirm your affirmations and intentions.