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This group is for my clients and others who are interested in receiving monthly themes, fun and inspirational daily posts, and weekly live chats.  This is a subscription only board and the monthly fee will be taken for each month that you subscribe.  If you are interested, please click subscribe now below and I will be in contact with you soon.

Cost:  $10 per month

These sessions can be done either by phone or in person.  I live in southeastern MA, and if you are local and would like to meet in person, we can arrange to do so.  Otherwise, all sessions will be done by phone during Eastern Standard Time hours. 

Included in all coaching services is unlimited email correspondence with me and I will respond to you as soon as I get your email.  If you have an emergency or an awesome breakthrough, I’d love to talk to you, so let’s arrange for a quick call to talk about it!  


Customer Reviews and Testimonials


At 43 years old, I found myself at a crossroad. I could either keep moving in the same, unsatisfactory, direction or I could listen to the stirrings that rumbled deep within. The only problem was, I couldn't quite decipher, or put my finger on, what my soul was trying to say...until I met Beverley. Beverley used compassion, intuition, intelligence, experience, and thoughtfulness to help me sift through myself.She listened carefully and respectfully while I confessed my seeds of doubt. It was those seeds she had me examine: the seeds of self-limitation, fear, defeat. She continuously offered support, and most importantly, she gave a different perspective...a new lens through which I could see myself. After speaking with Beverley, I was truly able to see myself in a different light. I was able to clearly see and finally own, my strengths. She helped me get quiet enough to hear what the rumbling had to say. Once I identified my new road, Beverley provided practical, realistic and doable advice and suggestions for me to begin taking confident steps... all while making herself available for questions, support, and guidance. If you, too, are at a crossroad and willing to accept that your new life awaits you, Beverley will walk with you.



Kara S.

My name is Gina and I have been following Bev’s positive affirmation web pages for some time. There have been many times her posts and replies have carried me through tough days. Bev recently offered a personal mentor meeting with me and at that point in my life I was lost and needed inspiration. When Bev and I spoke, she listened to my thoughts and read into my emotions in a way that allowed me to find the answer to my struggle. Bev has been extremely supportive and inspiring for me. I thank you deeply, Bev. I highly recommend anyone seeking only the best life coaching work with you.

Gina M. 

I am a 43-year-old mother, wife, nurse, and finally just finished my Bachelor’s degree this past August. With that said, I obviously am very busy and have a hard time juggling my time. I met with Bev in a cozy coffee shop to talk about some strategies to help find some balance in my life. Bev is an extremely warm heart filled woman who really takes the time to listen to you. That undivided attention we sometimes need. After our nearly hour session I walked away feeling great about my new plans on my priorities and organization skills. Bev has a unique way of helping you find your own balance in whatever stage of life you are in. She redirects and guides you to find your own answers. Since the session, I have chatted with Bev again to see how things have been going. She provides support with a smile. On my hectic busy days when I feel overwhelmed or guilty about not finishing my to-do list, I think of Bev’s advice and refocus. Thank you, Bev! You are a shining light and a wonderful friend!

Jen B.